Professional Tricks for Playing Roulette

Professional Tricks for Playing Roulette

Nothing to be done about it, they say. House always wins, they say. But does it, really?
In many years that I have been playing roulette for most people I have found that to be true. Most people playing roulette are beginners, who rely on lucky numbers or zodiac or their grandmother’s insurance code. But it is possible to win against the house. And I am going to teach you how.

Here are a professional tricks for playing rouletteĀ that I have found to work the best.

1. Know your odds

It is very useful to learn what the actual odds are. For instance, if you are playing on the black, it is logical that your chances are 50:50. Easy. Right?

But what about if you bet on the low numbers? Or just on one number? Or maybe you want to go for the second 12? This is all purely mathematical, of course. But to actually win against the house in a long run it is something you should know by heart.

However, one odd that even beginners can use is not to go for American roulette tables, since they have a double-zero which decreases your chances to win. That is why I would always suggest going to a casino that has a European roulette table, which provides you with far more substantial chances.

2. Advantage play

Advantage play is any strategy that makes the player in a statistically better position than the house. Pulling this off professionally involves a lot of mathematical examination and analysis of the wheel’s spin. If you are confident you know the pattern of the spin it is easy to place your bets in a way that will make you win almost certainly.

That is why professional players never place outside bets. Outside bets, like playing on color or odds and evens, make your money randomly scattered all over the wheel, and that makes your bet rely completely on chance. Advantage play is based on physical chances of the ball landing on a certain part of the wheel. That is why you have to choose a certain portion of the wheel on which you will place your bets on.

3. Outside bets

Nonetheless, for a beginner, I would still recommend going for the outside bets. This way, the house still has the same chances, but yours improve a little bit. Especially if you combine two outside bets successfully, like for example, betting on red and odd. You won’t make a lot of money, but you’ll be winning most of the time.

4. Doubling the bet

Unfortunately, the tactic that you heard of the most times doesn’t really work. Think about it. If last ten times the ball landed on the black, doubling your bet on the red doesn’t double the chances for the ball actually landing there. It just doubles the chances that you’ll lose a bunch of money.

If you are playing for fun and you want to hold out for a while, best tactic to use is the +1. This way, you will increase your bet for one unit if you lose. But you will decrease it if you win. Combining this with outside bets will make you hold out a long time on the table. And if you want to observe the wheel’s spin or just learn what kind of bets work best for you, it is a good way to stay at the table.

5. Take your winnings

Of course, the only way to win at roulette is to actually withdraw your winnings. I suggest you do it as soon as possible so you wouldn’t be tempted to gamble them away. If you come with $50, and you’re up to $100, it is time to cash in that profit and keep playing with what you came in with.